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"One of the key challenges that many female entrepreneurs face is a lack of confidence and certainty. I was completely blown away by the amazing tools and resources Annamaria provided in her Masterclass. She gave us space to reflect, share and reframe some of our limiting beliefs. She armed us with actionable tools to move from a state of feeling overwhelmed or stuck to overcoming insecurities, shifting our mindset, and gaining confidence and momentum in our business. It was a super valuable and informative session, and one of the most engaging ones we have had! Thank you, Annamaria! "
Anna Wolfman, CEO of Femunify

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I Help You As A Busy Female Solopreneur To Get The Mindset-Strategies-Systems-Tools To Simplify Your Biz And Skyrocket Your Success! Solopreneur Or Not, Being A Woman Is Demanding Enough with so many roles to fill. This is A One-Step Help To Set You Free From Worries, Fears, and Limiting Beliefs, So You Can Design Your Business, Design Your Life.

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Hi, I'm Annamaria, the founder of With Annamaria. I love seeing you succeed and find happiness.

Determination, consistency, small steps, and hard but smart work are my jam!
I share decades of life experience, 30 years of personal and 15 years of business knowledge boiled down to simple tools and courses to save you time, money, and heartache!
My mission is to give you the power of independence, the abundance mindset, and the confidence to become an influential and powerful leader both in life and in biz.
"I was lucky enough to work with Annamaria who helped me build up my confidence. It’s tough without a community to support you when you start your life in another country and it can take a knock on your confidence! Annamaria helped me put a positive spin on those tough times to create an uplifting environment to achieve my goals and thrive doing it! She taught me a valuable lesson, to not only look forward to achieving one’s goals but to celebrate the small milestones in between and remember to stop and smell the roses while you’re at it!"
Claudia Mansell

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Beat Burnout Before It Beats You: The Burnout Control Method - FREE Guide and Checklist
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Small Steps, Big Results:
5 Simple Habits to Balance Work, Life, and Relationships for Happiness
The 5 simple steps to excel in your relationships and biz!
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