Meet your Confidence and Success Coach

Hey, I’m Annamaria. I am a creative entrepreneur in lifestyle and mindset.
I wanted to become a doctor as a little girl. Instead, I got my master's in finance and economy (interrupted by spinal surgery, I was told not to run, fast forward 15 years running long distances including 2 marathons - an example of what we're capable of with determination and hard work), got married to my high-school sweetheart and we travelled in Europe.
We settled in the far corner of the world called New Zealand where we had our two daughters (now teens), a dog and four axolotls (look them up, they are super cute!)...
Having to start from the bottom in a completely new environment and country, raising children without any family help, and succeeding in a career plus running businesses have brought major challenges.
After feeling trapped by life's difficulties, fighting insecurities, and neglecting myself, I trained myself to become an energetic, optimistic, positive thinker and fitness enthusiast. If I can turn my life around, so can you!
I am a big believer in making progress over perfection. Join me on the mission to help you become the person you are truly meant to be. You will reap the benefits as a woman, mum, daughter, sister, wife/partner, friend, and leader.

Self-Worth and Leadership

Self-acceptance set me free emotionally, and I began to build a life on my terms. Now that I am the best I've ever been and feel the best I have ever have, I want to pass this on to you. I know my purpose!
I am here to help you overcome the blocks that hold you back from your potential.

My passion is to help you build a lush life and your dream business with simple tools and strategies!


The Wake-Up Call

Feeling sorry for myself wasn’t neither sexy nor productive.
It was my decision to either play the victim or use my past as fuel.
I felt fire in me to settle for more!

The way you take care of and love yourself sets the standard for others who show up in your life.

I want to show you how to live the life you've always dreamt of, filled with an abundance of freedom, confidence and success.
Creating your inner peace, meaningful relationships and friendships, a thriving body, and great health! Stick with me and I'll show you what's possible saving you time, money, and stress! Whether you are looking to make a small or big change in your personal or professional life, I'm here to help you tap into your deepest wisdom.


Success Rituals of Prosperity - Abundance - Wellness

I Empower Women to

Gain confidence from within & build a healthy relationship with themselves so they can succeed in relationships, wealth, and well-being.

Supercharge your life and business!

Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs and Unlock Your True Potential.
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